DEWEY BEACH, Del.-Today pro skimboarders heated up the beaches in Dewey for the 38th annual Zap World Championships. 


This weekend is only one portion of the annual Summer Vibes Fest. All ages and skill levels are skimming the beaches in Dewey. 

They are hoping to earn points towards a world title. 


“Dewey beach is known as somewhat as the skim boarding capitol. Worldwide we are known because some of the best skimboarders in the world come from Dewey Beach Delaware” says Jason Wilson, co-founder of Alley-Oop-Skim and event organizer. 


 Jason Wilson’s dad speared-headed this event 38 years ago and now Wilson sees that these long lasting tradition for riders and their families are upheld every year. 


Lucas McCoy of Dewey Beach has been competing in this event against riders from all over the world since he was eight years old.


“It’s also a lot of fun competing against those guys on your home turf. And having a lot of support from your friends out here and stuff” explains McCoy. 


Joining, McCoy on his home turf is Amber Torrealba from California. She says its this community’s good vibes are what keep her coming back every year. 


“What really drives you back here is seeing your all your friends, seeing your people from across the world that all come to one spot and really make this kind of thing happen” mentions Torrealba. 


There are many flags at the Summer Vibes Fest to represent countries that riders have competed in the last 38 years.  This year two international riders came all the way from Brazil to skim. 


Lucas Fink from Rio de Janeiro is on a mission to recruit competitors from outside the country to skim the waters here in Dewey.


” I am trying to open the path to other international riders so they can come here and compete too” says Fink. 



The Summer Vibes Fest picks back up on Wednesday with the East of Maui Paddle and Pound Sup Spring Challenge at North Beach. 



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