(Photo: Worcester County)(Photo: Worcester County)

BERLIN, Md – Worcester County leaders and neighbors say litter and illegal dumping along roadways and at recycling centers have grown into serious issues over the years.

Neighbors said the Berlin Recycling Drop-Off Center near the Wal-Mart on U.S. 50 is a known problem area.

“A lot of people will just bring furniture and big items that aren’t supposed to be here,” said Kallan Shiells of Ocean Pines.

Now, Worcester County Commissioners are moving forward with plans to launch a new public education program to put a lid on those issues.

The program could include press releases, flyers, and public service announcements designed to encourage positive behavior and drop-offs.

Commissioners also discussed stepping up enforcement of fines and installing surveillance cameras at unmanned recycling centers.

“I hate Worcester County having to put the expense up for the cameras. If they just used social media, used avenues that are available like television, they make people more aware of bulk clean-ups and of how the recycling centers work,” said Bob Banach with Clean Beach OC.

The hope is to launch the public education program by late summer or by the start of the new school year.

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