SALISBURY, Md.- WBOC engineers on Thursday completed a two-year, $2-million project mandated by the FCC that may require viewers to re-scan their television sets to continue watching free, over-the-air programming via TV antenna.

The switch happened about 2 p.m. and WBOC viewers who use an antenna to receive programming may have saw their signal freeze and then disappear before having to re-scan for over-the-air signals.

Draper Media President Craig Jahelka said viewers do not need to do anything with their television sets if they are able to view WBOC, FOX 21, or WBOC Classics on cable, satellite, or on a TV with an antenna that has already re-scanned for over-the-air signals.

“Don’t forget about your friends, family, relatives, and neighbors who may have an antenna TV. They’ll have to re-scan as well,” he said.

Draper Media Engineering Director Bob Guzman said the transmitter is now broadcasting with 1-million watts behind it.

“Once you re-scan everything will be placed exactly where it was before, CBS 16-1, FOX 21 on 21-2, and WBOC Classics on 16-2.”

Viewers who want more information about the re-scanning process should visit the Federal Communication Commission’s website.

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