Rehoboth Beach – Two people were hospitalized as the result of a fire to home in Rehoboth Beach’s Sea Air Village.  According to Assistant State Marshal Mike Chionchio, a 30 year old man suffered smoke inhalation and an elderly woman was taken for observation.  Fire Departments from Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, and Indian River arrived at approximately 12:00 PM to the trailer  

“It was burning pretty good when we got here,” Rehoboth Beach Fire Company Chief Chuck Snyder told WRDE.  “The flames were pretty much in front of the trailer extending about 15 to 20 feet in the air.”  It took the units nearly 30 minutes to contain the fire.

The siding of the neighboring home belonging to Tammy LaDuca became warped due to the intense heat from the fire.  “I am just glad everyone got out next door,” LaDuca said.  “The siding can be fixed, lives can’t.”  

As of this post, Chionchio said the fire is still under investigation.  He is estimating the damage to be nearly $50,000.