The three-legged race is the first game each year.

One youngster takes a fall as she begins the three-legged race.

Cassie O’Neill, left, and Korin Eddirolano sprint to a win in the three-legged race.

Young sack racers get off to a jumping start.

A line of sack racers fills the width of Second Street.

Charlie Undorf of West Chester, Pa., has no competition as he wins his heat in the sack race.

One a few Hula-Hoop competitors remain as they compete for the top three places.

Youngsters hold on to their eggs tight as they run to the finish line in the egg race.

Racers try to not to drop their eggs as they race to the finish line.

Tenley, left, Jen, and Hayden Hazzard of Lewes find some shade as they wait for the games to begin.

Taking part in their 11th games are (l-r) Devin Walke, Sonia Walke, Layla Walke, Naiya Mainigi and Riya Mainigi.

Hunter O’Neill is dressed for the holiday on Second Street in downtown Lewes.

Jenna Chambers of Seaford jumps high and takes the lead to win first place.

In one of the closest heats of the day, racers try to get a lead.

It’s critical to reach the line first in the potato relay race.

Racers approach the line to grab a spud in the potato relay.

The only time you see sprinting on Second Street is during the July 4th games.

The barrel roll is one of the hardest games because it’s tough keeping the large barrels on a straight line.

Adults get in on the action during the barrel roll.

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