Not only do the dogs have their day in Delaware, 2019 will be their year.  On Wednesday, (D) Governor John Carney was scheduled to sign into law a bill making Delaware’s State Dog the Rescue Dog.  Rescue dogs are part of the 14,000 animals that the Brandywine Valley SPCA in Georgetown reports they receive in a year. “We know that the community support is there and to have local legislators also championing causes such as the rescue dog for the state dog is really just inspiring,” SPCA Delaware Director Walt Fenstermacher told WRDE.  The hope from his end is that people looking to include a new pet in their home will make the SPCA their first option as opposed to purchasing one from a pet store.


The bill was authored by (R) Milford- State Representative Bryan Shupe and was unamiously passed by both houses of the Delaware Legislature in March.  “Right now this will be a one year (State Dog status),”  Shupe said.   “We would like to bring it back next year to make it a permanent thing.”