Sussex County-If you live in Sussex County, you’re probably familiar with three boys who have been diagnosed with cancer this school year. 

Troy Haynes was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer only a few months ago. He was a 4-year starting quarterback at Woodbridge High School, an All-State Athlete, and two-time State Champion.

Cole Willey is a 14-year-old boy who attends Seaford Middle. He’s an outstanding wrestler, football player and distance runner. 

James Knisley is Cole Willey’s classmate and friend. James enjoys playing baseball and basketball, and receives treatment in Wilmington alongside Cole and Troy. 

Although all three are incredible athletes, their physical activity has been very limited after diagnosis.

But these boys have not let cancer defeat them, and they have formed a team of their own–the three uniting as one after being diagnosed with cancer. 

“We’ve created like our own family, like all three of us,” Cole Willey said.

That includes the mother and fathers of these teens, like Laralyn Willey, mother of Cole. 

“We have definitely adopted them and we love them and we are rooting for James and Troy, and we think the world of their moms,” she said.

All three moms says the support of each other has helped them get through this journey, and so has the community, reminding them that their “team” stretches far beyond the mat or the field. 

Funds have been raised for all three boys to help in their recovery. The mothers say this support has helped propel all three to graduate from Middle and High School despite these circumstances–Haynes on Sunday and Willey and Knisley tonight.

“Leukemia may change his path, but I know his path is going to be led to greatness no matter which way it takes him,” Willey’s mother said.

The same goes for all three boys, she said, who with prayers and continued support will continue on with their academic and athletic feats. 




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