SEAFORD, Del. – As part of the Seaford Police Chief Marshall Craft’s new list of priorities the department will start a process of hiring a victim services advocate.

According to Chief Craft, the police department is seeking a grant within the next year that would allow them to start the hiring process.

Chief Craft says he is looking for qualified bilingual candidates as well as others to fill the position.

Costs would reach up to 70,000 dollars for the new position.

The grant covers a 3-year contract.

Chief Craft says a victim services advocate has made a huge positive impact on the Millsboro and Georgetown police departments.

“I think statistics show, certainly if you consider the success over in Georgetown and other agencies like Millsboro who just got theirs that’s the direction I’m going to take as part of my strategies,” said Marshall.

The Seaford Police chief says he is looking forward to more discussions on adding a victim services advocate to the team.

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