SEAFORD, Del. – Seaford Police say a group of people are driving through neighborhoods shooting houses and cars with a BB gun. Now they are asking the community for help.

“We have a group of individuals that are using BB guns destroying people’s personal property mostly the driver side vehicle windows or front windshields,” said Seaford Police Deputy Chief Michael Rapa.

Police say they have gotten at least 10 reports of people shooting at houses and cars since last Saturday. Some of the areas hit include Nylon Boulevard and Pine Street.

One person was reportedly shot, but so far no suspects have been identified.

“The actual victim saw the vehicle and saw a BB gun pulled out and he was actually shot with it,” said Rapa, “No major injuries, and he did not break the skin, but he was able to observe the vehicle involved.”

The Deputy Chief Michael Rapa says the group has been spotted driving in a white or cream-colored car. People like Melody Russel, a Seaford resident, says it has become a scary situation in her neighborhood.

“You know my next-door neighbor got her car busted into what we think was a BB gun, so it can be a little bit scary at times,” said Russel.

“I definitely think it’s really concerning and dangerous concerning that we have a baby on the way ourselves, so people coming up and down the road shooting BB guns to windows with the kids is not safe,” said Marissa Esham, a Seaford resident.

Just a few days ago the Town of Blades also confronted this group. Now both police departments are taking action.

“The Blades Police Department we are working with them in this,” said Rapa.

“They actually had this problem a week prior before it got to us so we are working with them in a joint investigation to see if we can locate these subjects,” said Rapa.

Police are asking that if you see anyone driving around and can get a license plate number you are encouraged to call the Seaford Police Department.

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