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Rehoboth Organizations Embrace Cooler Temperatures Post Heat Wave


REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- After multiple days of sky high temperatures, locals in the Rehoboth Beach area are embracing the gentler weather.

Rehoboth Beach Patrol Capt. Kent Buckson says the heat wave was brutal on his lifeguards and beachgoers, causing many civilians to suffer from heat exhaustion.

“We tended to see more of the elderly people that were the ones that were in trouble,” he says. “Just dehydrated and nauseous–the heat just kind of overwhelmed them. Yesterday was extremely busy and we are thankful that it’s kind of broke today.”

Buckson gave his lifeguards extra break times to cool down and required the use of umbrellas on the lifeguard stands. 

Up the avenue, dog ice cream shop Salty Paws owner Suzanne Tretowicz says the hot weather kept her customers away until the sun went down.

“When it’s that hot out it’s not exactly safe for them to be out walking around town and the pavement’s really hot for their paws,” she explains. “So people do wait until the evening when it cools off.”

Tretowicz says business overall stayed the same, with just a larger rush in the evening versus during the daytime hours.

Henry Bennett with Bennett Orchards says customers kept to their farmers market routines even during sweltering weather, and if anything the heat helped his prime product.

“It’s obviously a little physically demanding working out in the field but as a farmer we are kind of used to that it,” he says. “But definitely with the peaches heat and humidity helps them be awesome and perfect and juicy for everyone to enjoy.”

While it is expected to heat up later this week, temperatures are expected to stay in the 80s. For the latest forecast, click here. 

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