SALISBURY, Md-Rain or shine, many people still came out today to support local vendors at the Downtown Salisbury Festival to experience the food and rides.

Jamie Heater, the event organizer says despite the weather, this weekend was still a success.

Heater predicts the festival saw around 4,000 people this weekend, which is double the amount they saw last year–though the rain did cause a lag in today’s numbers.

“We have a lot less vendors in attendance than yesterday clearly because of the rain. A lot of people have products you know made out of paper or stuff that can’t get wet like soap or bath products, so we missed them,” she said.

But people like Josh Currence brought his daughter to the event anyhow.

“The workers here have done a great job and they actually wiped all the seats down before we got on them and we just had a really good time so far.”

The rain did not slow down Carlos Mir, better known as Cascading Carlos the Juggler either. 

Mir is a fire juggler and says despite the weather, but the show must go on.

“It’s hard to juggle in the rain definitely, as some of the equipment gets
damaged and soggy and wet and ruined. But overall, you know like today, it’s an easy day to juggle, it’s just misting at times it’s not really raining that much.”

The Downtown Salisbury event has a long history in the area, but was discontinued a while back. Many fought to bring the event back, and this is the third year it has been held, organizers say.


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