ROCKVILLE, Md.- (WBOC/CBS) The shocking Damascus High School case claiming four students sexually assaulted freshmen football players barred from the public, including journalists, from it’s courtroom Thursday. 

The case made nationwide attention last October when it was revealed four football players at the Maryland high school were accused of sexually assaulting freshmen with a broomstick. All four juveniles are now being charged as adults.

Under Maryland law, juvenile hearings are open to the public unless a judge rules otherwise, which this judge chose to do. The courtroom is now sealed to everyone but the victims, defendants, and their lawyers.

The father of one of the victims told reporters that the State’s Attorney’s Office allegedly offered plea deals to the three other suspects. He said those teens allegedly had not accepted the offers as of Thursday morning.

A State’s Attorney official would neither confirm nor deny the statement due to juvenile court rules.


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