SALISBURY, Md. – Reading and writing, they’re skills most of us take for granted.
But when you lack them, finding jobs and pursuing new opportunities can be near impossible.

That’s why the Wicomico County Public Libraries came up with Project READ, an adult literacy program serving adult learnings in the Wicomico County area.

Quinton Davis has been a part of project read for a little less than a year.

“It helps with academics and it helps me learn better,” said Quinton.

And it also helps with something greater.

“It helps you know that it’s not a bad thing not to be able to read like other people can read,” said Quinton.

At the heart of it all is, Wynette Curtis, Project READ coordinator at Wicomico Public Libraries.

“Project read is an adult literacy program sponsored by Wicomico Public Libraries, we offer free confidential one-on-one tutoring in reading, math, writing, computer basics, financial literary,
and health literacy,” said Curtis.

Essentially, any skill that you’d need to earn a better job and improve your quality of life.

“We have adult learners who for the first time have been able to live in indepedent living situations, we have adult learners who have been able to go into post secondary education like Wor-Wic or other training programs,” said Curtis.

It’s no surprise a project this big needs big help and that’s where tutors like Amin Malik come in.

“I think that the ultimate I guess high you get from teaching is helping someone maybe see more in themselves, or see their potential,” said Malik.

For Amin it became a job that meant more than any paycheck ever would.

“For me it became the best part of my week coming in every wednesday morning to spend this time, I think that to be honest I got more out of it than the person I was teaching,” said Malik.

Now in order to participate in the program you do have to either live or work in the Wicomico County area.

Here’s how it works.

“There’s no fee, all you have to do is come in, take an intake assesment to gage what level you’re at, and we also give learning style assesments so that your tutor can use strategies
That can help you learn best,” said Malik.

Now if you’re looking to be a tutor.

“As long as you have transportation, you have the ability to want to help, you have the compassion, you can read, you feel comfortable,” said Curtis.

Tutors must be willing to make a 6 month commitment and be able to teach two 90 minute sessions per week.

“In that six months you can someone’s reading level, two or three grade levels with that consistency,” said Curtis.

A program that benefits both students.

“It helps you want to read more and not be so ashamed, to stumble over words,” said Curtis.

and tutors.

“I don’t think you’d regret it, if you tried to become a project read tutor,” said Malik.

If you’re interested in learning more about project read, their will be an information session on Wednesday June 19th, from 10-4:30 at the downtown branch library in the entrepreneur center, all are invited.

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