DENTON, Md. – After getting reports of large amounts of pollution in the Choptank River, people in Denton gathered on Wednesday to help address the problem.

“Last year was a record year for rainfall and with that we saw a lot more pollution being washed off the land into the waterways, and so last year the river did take a hit in that its quality did decline from previous years,” said the ShoreRivers Choptank Riverkeeper, Matt Pluta.

“The report shows not some very fine numbers in the water quality for the bacteria in the river and that concerns us,” said the Town Administrator for Denton Donald H. Mulrine Jr.

The event hosted by the local nonprofit ShoreRivers showed that the amount of bacteria has risen to unsafe levels making it dangerous for people to swim. They say things like nutrients in runoff has been a major problem.

“It’s a known fact that we get a lot of rain,” said Pluta.

“There’s so much bacteria that washes into our waterways that’s not safe for kids to swim in, so we decided to start monitoring bacteria levels in common swimming areas around the river, and one of the areas being here in Denton,” said Pluta.

Despite the bumps, the group is working closely with town officials to better protect the Choptank River for generations to come.

The nonprofit ShoreRivers is also working on a new bacteria monitoring site in the Denton area. They will be working with residents and farmers to help reduce the amount of pollutants entering the river.

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