Former Dover city council member Reuben Salters, 90, has been charged with vehicular assault after he allegedly hit a man with his truck on Saturday.

The Dover Police Department arrested for 3rd Degree Vehicular Assault following the incident on Saturday morning, according to M/Cpl. Mark Hoffman, Public Information Officer.

Hoffman said the area of West Street and Forest Street had been blocked off by a series of barrel barricades and cones for The Pride Festival Parade.

Salters, operating a red Ford Ranger, approached and disregarded the barrels that had the streets closed for the upcoming parade, according to Hoffman.

Salters then approached a series of cones that were blocking the street where a large crowd of parade goers and participants had gathered.

Salters exited his vehicle and moved several cones when a 43-year-old male, that was an organizer for the event, stopped Salters and advised him that he could not pass through due to the event, crowd and that the cones were closing the street.

Salters entered his vehicle and proceeded to accelerate, striking the man, and causing injuries to his legs, knocking him to the ground, said Hoffman. Salters then proceeded to drive through a large crowd of gatherers until he stopped, added Hoffman.

Salters was released on an O.R. bond on the following charges:
-Vehicular Assault 3rd Degree
-Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device