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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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New Work-Based Capstone for Sussex Tech Seniors


GEORGETOWN, Del.- Seniors at Sussex Tech will now have more on-the-job training thanks to a new Career Capstone program.

Beginning with this fall’s freshman class, all seniors will have the opportunity to work part-time in a job in their technical area for at least half of their senior year. What’s more, the district says students will spend 50 percent more time in their technical classrooms.

Superintendent Stephen Guthrie says the new program known as the Tech Career Capstone, is a win-win for both students and the local economy by enhancing business partnerships.

“The goal is that by the time the current incoming freshmen become seniors, every one of them will have the opportunity to go out on a workplace learning experience to apply the skills they’ve learned in the class room in the tech areas out in the field,” he says.

The high school is changing schedules and modifying curriculum to ensure students have increased time in their chosen technical area, including dental services, auto mechanics and early child care and education. Tech students graduate with professional certifications and licenses. 

Board of Education President Warren Reid says the new program follows the district’s new strategic plan and core statement “Preparing Students for Their Future.”

“Our students graduate ready for careers or college, so no matter their path, they have a place,” Reid said. “As a district, our path forward includes working hand-in-hand with local employers and business leaders to help prepare our students for success.”

About 75 seniors have piloted the Career Capstone program, either working after school several days a week or working full-time for two weeks and attending school full-time for two weeks.


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