ELLENDALE, Del. –  A new shelter called Morgan’s Place is opening doors to help the homeless get back on their feet.

It is a move people say is long overdue.

“There is so much homelessness in Sussex County, so we can’t take in all homelessness, but we can help decrease the number,” said Leah Brown, the program director.

“I saw the drugs, I saw people say they had nowhere to stay,” said Bishop Major Foster, the co-founder for Morgan’s Place.

People like Michelle Johnson said there is a desperate need for more resources in places like Ellendale to help the homeless get a fresh start in life.

“They don’t have anywhere to go,” said Johnson, a representative for the First State Community Action Agency.

“There’s not a place where they can call home, a place where they can start all over again and become more integrated into society again,” said Johnson.

The new facility is divided into four phases where individuals will start by living in the emergency room and eventually transition into permanent housing.

“We help them come back out into society either with renting or we do have property rentals that they can move into one of our facilities,” said Brown.

While the homeless make their new transition, local organizations and the Division of Public Health will provide one on one sessions to help them find a job and apply for things like Medicaid.

“If we target their health, then we’ll also decrease homelessness too because there are a lot of individuals homeless because they cannot afford to pay for their medication,” said Brown.

It is a mission community members said will help transform the future for Sussex County.

Organizers said the shelter should be up and running by next week, and the shelter is expected to house up to 25 people.