Sea Air resident Thomas Davis looked out his front door about noon, June 4, and saw flames in the neighbor’s small window that faces his home.

He called 911 while getting his daughter out the back door. His trash cans and some siding melted. He said the Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company response time was amazing. “By the time I got over there, everyone was out. I’m grateful that the little boy who lives there was not home today,” Davis said. 

Gina Sautter doesn’t remember getting out of her chair, but she heard her neighbor, Noemi Marrero, screaming “Fire” and ran to the back door of the burning mobile home and attempted to open it. She burned her hand on the knob. “I kept screaming ‘where is the little boy?’ and finally they said he wasn’t home today. But I was running on pure adrenaline.” 

Marrero said she saw red flames in the windows. She and her husband Jose were worried about propane tanks and alerted all the neighbors. Luckily for the occupants of the burning home, landscapers who were cutting grass jumped in and made sure everyone was out of the house. 

More information will be added when details are provided.