Nanticoke Road (Photo WBOC)Nanticoke Road (Photo WBOC)

SALISBURY, Md. – After seven months of construction, neighbors west of Salisbury are happy to see Nanticoke Road reopened.

“I’m very excited about it being reopened. I work in home health so driving up and down the highway is much quicker when you don’t have to go all the way around in between patients,” Nikki Bergstrom said. “We’ve been waiting for that to be reopened for a long time.”

Maryland State Highway Administration says this is a forever fix.  Crews spent time building an additional, larger dam so heavy storms will not impact water traveling underneath the road.

“That is excellent because a heavy storm washing it out every other week was not good,” Bergstrom said.

Countryside Market Owner Gary Foxwell says he’s relieved that the construction is finally over.  Foxwell explained that since October his business has suffered six figure losses because of the closure.

“It was painful, I was doing 60-percent of the business that we normally do,” Foxwell said.

But within the last 24 hours since the road reopened,  he says things are looking up.  Foxwell says he can’t wait to get back to normal as traffic resumes on Nanticoke Road.