(MILFORD, Del.) –  A new way to report and receive crime alerts is now available in Milford. The Milford Police Department is partnering with CrimeMapping.com to help keep people safe and make them more aware of their surroundings. This free technology is available online and on the App Store. 

“Whether its they see an increase of criminal mischief or theft from vehicles, they can make sure that they make decisions to keep themselves safe,” says Sergeant Robert Masten. 

The Milford Police Department has a link on their website to access their area of the CrimeMap iPhone and Android users can also download it from the App Store. 

CrimeMapping.com breaks everything down so that users can specify the time period and location they wish to search for crimes. Different icons show what type and time of crime occurred and when. 

Masten says their reports help residents see what kinds of crime, if any, commonly occur near them. “As our reports get approved, they end up finding their way into the statistics area that CrimeMapping pulls from,” he says. “If you go on the site, there will be different icons for different types of crimes and you can bring up the map and see what’s going on and then you can form trends by looking at clusters of those types of crime.”

Sage Culver says this technology would help her feel safer when going to work at Dolce. “I think that any advancement in technology when it comes to any sort of crime could really make anybody feel more secure,” she says. 

Users can sign up to receive alerts for specific kinds of crime within a specific area and they can also use it to submit tips directly to the agency.

Bernard Hinton, who eats at the Milford Diner a few times  a week, thinks this would speed up the officers’ response time. “It’s quicker than getting online and calling,” he says. 

“We’ve had stretches to where we’ve had increase in theft of vehicles from certain parts of town,” Masten recalls. “This would allow the people in those areas to keep track of that and make sure they do things like remove valubles from the car, make sure the car is locked at night.”

CrimeMapping users can also view reports from the agencies that use the service nationwide. Dover, Smyrna, and Delaware State Police are among them.