PITTSVILLE, Md–People in the town of Pittsville are hoping to get some answers about their discolored water. It’s an issue that’s been going on for months now. 

Today, Eastern Shore representatives, Pittsville officials, and members from Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) spent over four hours inside of Pittsville’s Town Hall discussing the future of the town’s water quality. 

“Today we discussed what the town has done, what they did today, and the actions they’re taking both short term and long term to stabilize the water quality,” says Suzanne Dorsey, assistant secretary with Maryland Department of Environment. 

Today’s meeting was sparked by several complaints from the community, many complaining about not being able to use the town’s water due to their fear of safety. 

The Pittsville town manager Joe Mangini says they’re working on the issue. In addition to meeting with MDE, Mangini says the towns personnel spent the day working on the town’s water quality. 

Despite the discoloration, Mangini assures the water is OK to drink. 



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