MAYS CHAPEL, Md.- (WBOC/CBS) Baltimore County Police are investigating an alleged rape from inside an Uber vehicle.

According to CBS affiliate, WJZ, police confirmed the allegations that an Uber driver sexually assaulted a woman in the back of a vehicle while driving her in the Mays Chapel area Saturday night.

According to police, the woman’s father was concerned about her whereabouts and used an app to find her. He was able to track her to the location of the Uber vehicle. The Uber driver was allegedly pulled over and in the back seat with the man’s daughter.

Corporal Shawn Vinson said police are investigating whether the driver sexually assaulted the woman. Vinson said, “Right now, we’re classifying this as a rape investigation. We’re going to try to continue to talk to the victim, and the very crucial part is we need the victim to participate throughout the investigation.”

Police have not filed any charges as of Friday morning.

Uber told WJZ the report was “appalling beyond words.” The ride-sharing company went on to say that they removed the driver from the app as soon as the alleged assault was reported.

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