DOVER, Del. (AP)- A Delaware judge says an insurance company must extend liability coverage to a teenager who was convicted of criminally negligent homicide after a school bathroom attack that left a 16-year-old girl dead.           

The judge ruled Wednesday that USAA Casualty Insurance Company must indemnify Trinity Carr under her mother’s homeowner’s policy, which covers claims for bodily injury.           

Carr is a defendant in two lawsuits filed by the family of Amy Joyner-Francis.           

Joyner-Francis, who had a rare, undetected, heart condition, died of sudden cardiac death, aggravated by physical and emotional stress from the 2016 fight at Wilmington’s Howard High School of Technology.           

Delaware’s Supreme Court upheld a conspiracy verdict against Carr last year but overturned her homicide conviction, saying no reasonable fact-finder could have found that she acted with criminal negligence.

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