FENWICK ISLAND, Del. – Steps are now underway to make potential drastic changes to the appearance of the resort town’s commercial district.

An architecture firm, Jeff Schoellkopf of JSD Inc., was hired by the town to work with its committees to develop a plan to revamp the town’s commercial district.

Over the next several months they will be taking input from locals. One thing some local shops say would be smart for the town to invest in would be larger signs.

Another big thing business owners and residents agree on is an updated look for the town’s businesses. Something like a face lift for some of these traditional Fenwick businesses.

“It’s nice to have the charm, but modern just looks good. That’s what people are drawn to,” said Lisa Hart, owner of The Flying Fish.

“If they (developers) do see a piece of property, and they want to refurbish it, and maybe in some cases a tear down, have a good communication with the town to make it easier for them to develop something nice,” said Warren’s owner Scott Mumford.

There are other, more outside-the-box ideas, like a central spot for folks to gather.

“I think an epicenter, even like they have in Bethany, I think it’s just a place to go to to start where you can take your family out for the night or meet up with friends,” said Hart.

Others say they don’t think downtown Fenwick needs to be changed. That the town has its own unique charm.

“It always has that different look than maybe Bethany and Ocean City, even though Bethany is close to us. Just kind of have a feeling that it doesn’t look as commercial as Dewey or maybe Ocean City,” said Fenwick resident Steve Carey.

Town officials tell me they hope to have a concrete plan put in place for the future of the commercial district here in Fenwick Island in the next six to eight months.

The next committee meeting for this redevelopment process is June 18. If you want updates, the town will post them to their Facebook page.