FRUITLAND, Md. – The Fruitland All Stars have won states for the Little League Major Division yet again and are now asking for the community to help them get to regional’s in Connecticut. Officials say the team is trying to raise $20,000 by the end of the week before the All Stars leave for the tournament. Which means they’ve got a lot of fundraising to do. Team officials say they’ve started a number of fundraising pages for people to donate to, and are encouraging anyone and everyone to help support this team.

“I think it’s just the boys seeing how much the community loves them and supports them and is getting excited and I think it really just helps pump them up and makes them more excited,” said Fundraising Coordinator Rachel McKinney.


Click here for the Facebook and Gofundme pages to donate. Team officials say you can also contact any member of the Fruitland All Star team to make arrangements to drop off a check for the team as well.

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