SEAFORD, De-Front Street Bridge, known to some as the Blades Bridge will be closing for the duration of the summer, according to DELDOT.

The bridge connects many people from Blades to Seaford, and lies just outside of Downtown Seaford.

According to a release, DelDOT’s contractor, Mumford & Miller Concrete Inc. will be replacing the timber deck sidewalk and making repairs to the bridge.

The detour routes will be Northbound: East High Street to US 13 and continue north, make a left onto Middleford Road and return to Front Street.

Southbound: Middleford Road onto US 13, make a right turn to East High Street and continue westbound to Front Street.

Detour signage will be posted for motorists.

But some people are upset that the closure is coming during peak season. Many businesses say they will be impacted, and they have never seen the bridge close for so long. 

Alan Cranston, owner of Every Fiber Coffee says this will really impact them because their shop is new, and they rely on commuters from nearby areas.

“It would be a lot more helpful for us it were done during a shorter time frame–and even if they broke it up kind of throughout the winter or the fall even.”

DelDot says the bridge will close beginning at 7:00 a.m. on June 17, 2019 until 11:00 p.m. on August 24, 2019, pending weather.

DelDot says the bridge has closed in the past for maintenance, but not for this long. They say the bridge closed in 2010 for an extended period of time, and back in 2012 after damage from a hurricane–both were shorter time periods. 

People like Sara Lee Thomas who owns Fantasy Beauty Salon says her customers are already concerned about the closure. 

“Them pulling up there realizing they have to turn around, then they call in ‘Oh I’m going to be late’ because the bridge is closed.”

DelDot says over twelve thousand people use the bridge every day. 

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