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Five Points Working Group Meeting Monday Night


LEWES, Del.- The Delaware Department of Transportation is pledging transparency and public participation as the Five Points Working Group moves forward.

The group is meeting Monday at six p.m. at Cape Henlopen High School. Planning Supervisor Josh Thomas says the group will review current projects and also discuss the project development process so the public can understand the timing of the proposed solutions.

Working Group member I.G. Burton says the meeting is about uniting county, state and local officials and making progress.

“With DelDOT’s direction [we can determine] this is something that we can do, this is something that is very easy to do, this is something that we should do, this is something we should maybe think about,” he says. “They break it down into various projects.”

Ricky Michaels owns the Crab Runners on Savannah Road and says something must be done to alleviate the area’s traffic.

“Somehow, someway there has to be not necessarily a bypass around the whole entire area, because that would be terrible for business but there has to be either added lanes or added shoulders to be able to go around cars,” he says. “There’s a lot of insanity around here and you definitely see the frustration in the drivers. I mean they are going crazy honking at each other and ready to flip each other off before the vacation even starts.”

Ashley Malaspina works at the nearby Bling Salon & Spa and says traffic often impacts clients’ drive times. She believes longterm solutions are needed year round.

“Our roads definitely need some help,” she says. “A lot of times even in the summer time it gets so backed up with the traffic and even in the off time there’s a lot of traffic out.”

The working group meeting starts at 6 p.m. DelDOT says monthly Five Points updates will be provided either in emails or in person, meetings will be scheduled quarterly, and more public workshops for the intersection’s plans are scheduled for next spring.¬†

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