SEAFORD, Del.- The first class of the Seaford School District’s Dual Language Immersion Program is headed to middle school.

Thirty-seven students from Frederick Douglas Elementary School, who started the bilingual program for the district back in 2013, will become the first middle school class to take part of the program.

“It’s a different experience knowing that you’re different than everyone else in the school,” says Omar Zahraoui, one of the students.

For Omar and his classmates, learning in both languages was a challenge.

“First when I walked in into the classroom I didn’t know what anybody was saying,” says Riyanna Routier another of the students. “But now I’m so much better. I’ve improved so much.”

Their progression in the program has made an impact on their parents and teachers as well.

“It’s very impressive to me to see how far they’ve come. To hear them speak in two languages,” says Nicole Summers, a third-grade teacher at Frederick Douglas Elementary.

“We heard him speak it almost brought tears to my eyes because I had no idea he was that fluent,” says Shana Gibson Bredbenner, parent of one of the students graduating.

Seaford Middle School has hired a new Spanish speaking teacher to accommodate the students in this upcoming school year.

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