Easton Airport (Photo:WBOC)Easton Airport (Photo:WBOC)

EASTON, Md. – Plans to grow Easton Airport are finally taking off.

The Easton Airport just received $5.5 million in federal funding to expand one of it’s four runways. It’s been in the works for over a decade. Airport Manager Micah Risher says they’ve had to shorten the runway in years past for safety reasons, but they now finally have the means to build out a longer and even safer runway for incoming jets and aircraft.

Risher says the $5.5 million will first go to buying surrounding land to expand Runway 4. Over the next few years, he says more money will be needed for things like land easements and construction circling the airport.

“For over 12 years this has been a very long term process,” Risher said. “What this does is it starts us down the path of a really long-term sustainability of Easton Airport for the next 100 years.”

It’s sustainability that Economic Director Cassandra Vanhooser says will help the economy. The more jets that fly in means more money and business back to the county, according to Vanhooser.

“The Easton Airport is a hub of business activities,” Vanhooser said. “This is the area that is slated for future business development and the Easton Airport is gonna be the anchor in which all of that develops.”

Risher says over the years they’ve seen a 48-percent increase in air traffic at the airport. He says they’ll continue to look for more funding to accommodate the expansion project and traffic.

In total, Easton Airport generates nearly $50 million in business revenue per year.

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