Do you watch TV without a cable or satellite connection? If so, your favorite channels are changing frequencies, but don’t panic–there’s something you can do to keep watching them.

The FCC has mandated the changes to open up channels for high-speed wireless services, so if you have a digital TV, you’ll need to re-scan it so the set recognizes the new frequency, said the FCC’s Jean Kiddoo.

What if you have an old-school, analog TV with tubes?

“Those folks who are still using an old analog set have to use a converter box in order to receive the digital signals over the air, which takes the digital signal and converts it to analog for the TV; they need to take their remote and re-tune their converter box to be able to pick up the new signals,” Kiddoo told WDEL.

The frequency changes are happening between now and July of next year or click here for more information. or by calling 1.888.225.5322 between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., seven days a week.

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