The state of Delaware has made some upgrades to a historic site in Cape Henlopen State Park.

Fort Miles is a formerly active Army and Navy facility now displaying a coastal battery complex and artillery park.  It’s also home to an underground museum detailing Delaware’s role in World War II. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

The improvements include a new road system and parking lot to provide greater public access to the fort.

“The best part about it is the new road system brings a drop-off for handicap folks right to the backdoor of the museum. It also allows for school buses, fire trucks, ambulances, things like that,” said Delaware State Parks Director Ray Bivens.

The state also added an event space available for rental and renovated the fort’s overlook, which provides a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

“Fort Miles is just a gem within Cape Henlopen State Park,” said Bivens. “Surprisingly, a lot of people still don’t know it’s there, because it’s in the bunkers underneath the ground. You see the fire control towers we’re famous for. We wanted to make a walkable campus. So the parking is closer, it’s on site. It’s great for afterhours events.”

Bivens says taxpayers chipped in about $300,000 for the more than $1 million project.

He small concerts, weddings and other events are being booked for the site. The museum is open for tours during the summer. 

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