DOVER, Del. – Hundreds of people came out to the statewide Pride Parade in Dover on Saturday to celebrate the LGBTA community in the First State.

Many in the community said they continue to fight for equal rights in the country and they hope events like the Delaware Pride Festival will help them on their mission.

“We’re all just people and we should all get along together because in the world that we’re in it’s just hard to be who you are,” said Aura G., a Camden resident.

Activists like Keith Zembower from Lewes said although people have become more accepting the LGBTA community still faces hatred. “There’s a lot of hate going on in this country, and it’s nice to know that there are people of all walks of life that aren’t closed minded,” said Zembower.

People like Aura G. a drag queen from Camden said this event is a chance to lift each other’s spirits and break down barriers.

“As a gay kid growing up I wasn’t accepted,” said Aura G. “I have military family, so it was hard for my father to accept me, so being in Delaware, being in such an accepting community is just a great experience.”

Members of the community on Saturday said there will always be a need to fight for things like equality and inclusion. That is why this celebration means so much to them.

“You always have to be out there and supporting the gay community because again you can’t take things for granted that they’re going to be moving in a positive direction,” said Zembower.

Moving forward this community said they hope to see a better more inclusive atmosphere.

“What I hope to see in the future is just expansion, more acceptance everywhere, people being gay, more people being open, more people being drag queens like myself and just being open and expressing themselves and expressing their art,” said Aura G.

Some people said they will always carry the rainbow flag with pride as they continue to bring more awareness about the LGBTA community.