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DOVER, Del. — A House bill re-writing part of Delaware’s laws on drunk driving and devices to prevent the crime was advanced for a full vote by committee on Wednesday.

House Bill 152 requires someone eligible for an interlock device to have the system installed in each vehicle they would operate. The devices are often integrated into vehicles that are mandated as part of a program for first-time DUI offenders to allow them to drive on a conditional license.

Vehicles with the devices will not start if a person blows into them and the user produces a blood alcohol content that is higher than the threshold programmed into the system.

Interlock devices typically also log each time someone blows into them, thus allowing law enforcement or another government agency to record when further drunken driving violations may have occurred.

Rep. Jeff Spiegelman (R-Clayton) said some people getting a conditional license are able to avoid having the devices installed on vehicles they use because those vehicles are not registered in the name of the person getting the conditional license.

“Defense attorneys are starting the catch on and advise their clients to do this. It’s not in the spirit of the law to do this and we’re working on closing this,” he said.

The legislation also contains a number of technical corrections to state code.