DOVER,Del.- Delaware’s secretary of state has suspended a Delaware electricion’s license following his arrest for engaging in unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

In making this determination, Secretary Jeffrey Bullock considered a complaint filed by the Department of Justice, which outlined Andrew S. Atkins’ arrest and recent guilty plea to two felony offenses. Officials said the charges stemmed from an incident wherein Atkins had sexual contact with a female family member while she was sleeping.

Investigators with the Division of Professional Regulation were made aware of Atkins’ arrest and charges on May 3 and presented a report to the Department of Justice the same day.

The order suspending Atkins’ license was signed by the secretary on June 3 with the concurrence of the president of the Board of Electrical Examiners.

Delaware Code Title 24 enables a temporary suspension pending a hearing to be issued upon the written order of the secretary of state, if the activity of the licensee presents a clear and immediate danger to public health, safety or welfare.

The suspension of Atkins will remain in effect for a period of 60 days, during which time disciplinary hearings will be held or the final disposition for him will take place. As the result of a hearing, the Board of Electrical Examiners has the authority to impose disciplinary sanctions up to and including revocation of a practitioner’s license.

The licensure status of Mr. Atkins has been updated on the  Documentation related to this suspension also may be viewed at this site.