DOVER, Del. – On Wednesday Delaware lawmakers received the final green light to move ahead with the fiscal year 2020 budget, and you may be wondering where your tax dollars are going.

“We are able to increase pay for our teachers, fund our state agencies which is so important, take care of our seniors, and that’s something that at the end of the day we get sent to Dover to do,” Senator Ernie Lopez said.

Lawmakers say tax payer dollars could go towards things like investments in education in the year 2020, if the current proposed budget gets passed.

“Delaware is blessed to have amazing public schools and amazing teachers, but making a deeper investment and making sure that first generation learners, that English language learners have the resources that they need to be successful,” Lopez said.

And with Wednesday’s economic forecast showing that the state’s budget is on track, lawmakers are feeling optimistic.

“Based upon this mornings meeting, the forecast is up $15.8 million from a month ago,” Representative Daniel Short said.

So now the question is where that extra money will go.

“I would like to see us put it to something that is called a one time expense, which would be infrastructure type of things that might have a financial need but also have an economic impact on the state,” Short said.

But, some lawmakers say they would want to see that money go towards things like healthcare costs instead.

“Expanding Medicare and Medicaid has been something that’s been important as well,” Lopez said.

But either way, lawmakers are confident in the current proposed budget.

“Now we’re ahead, we’re in a good place, we’re still practicing fiscal discipline for our taxpayers,” Lopez said.

The final version of the budget is expected to be passed by June 30.