LEWES, Del. – Lewes Police said a couple from Washington D.C. was arrested after a reported domestic dispute lead to the discovery of cocaine valued in the thousands.

It happened around 7:30 a.m. on May 30 in the area of Sussex Drive and Savannah Road.

According to police, emergency dispatchers received a call about a domestic dispute. Police responded and found the car from the call in the Highland Acres neighborhood. Police said the male driver had scratches and bruises consistent with a dispute.

Police found the woman walking on the 900 block of Mauri Drive, where she was arrested. 

Lewes PD said they were both searched, and police found a large quantity of cocaine, later determined to be 191 grams with a street value of $19,100 and $3,201. Lewes Police’s KP Blue was also able to indicate that there was narcotics on the money.

Christina Lombardi was charged with four related offenses and was committed to SCI on a $27,100 cash bail.

Massimo Fabbri is also facing similar charges and was committed to SCI on a $32,100 cash bail.

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