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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Residents and visitors in Rehoboth Beach are in complete shock, after learning that an 18-year-old boy was stabbed on the boardwalk Saturday night. Now, the Rehoboth Beach Police Department is frantically searching for the suspects involved.

“We just saw the commotion of the ambulance coming down the main street. We were with our baseball team eating a team dinner and we actually remarked and said oh gosh I hope nobody got hurt,” said a visitor, Amy Lopolito.

Police say on Saturday, a group of guys got into an argument with the victim and afterwards, a suspect approached the victim from his side and stabbed him.

“It’s definitely scary. I mean it sounded like it was someone who is around my own age,” said Funland employee Jay Handwerk.

Rehoboth Beach visitors say they never thought something like this could happen in an area that they’ve been coming to for years.

“We’ve been coming here my entire life and we bring my children, my dad comes with us. I’ve never heard of anything like that, never seen anything like that. It was a little shocking,” Lopolito said.

Police say after the stabbing the suspect and three others fled on foot. And now, they need the public’s help to catch those involved.

“People are so involved and will pay attention and I’m sure they will be caught,” said another visitor, Anita Capparell.

“I hope there would be a few more brave people in this world, in this case that if they saw something that they’ll come forward. I really hope they will,” Lopoito said.

Anyone who witnessed the stabbing or can provide any information as to the identity or location of the suspect or accomplices is asked to call Detective Tyler Whitman at (302) 524-1391.