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Changes Coming to Cave Neck Road & Route One Intersection


MILTON, Del.- Changes are coming to the Cave Neck Road and Route One intersection in Milton. 

Starting in August, the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) will implement turning restrictions. They agency plans to close half of the crossover so drivers on Cave Neck Road can’t cross to make left turn onto Route 1 northbound. Instead, drivers will have to make a right onto Route One south and then make a U-turn at a crossover down the road. 

Kim Pezley has lived and worked at the intersection for years. She’s seen how dangerous the crossing can get. 

“I’ve noticed about five accidents, three were pretty bad,” she says. “One time my client was coming up to pick their dogs up and he got broadsided because they go like sixty, seventy miles an hour and that builds all up.”

DelDOT says this is the first step to future improvements currently in the project development phase to address roadway safety. DelDOT says the need for interim improvements at the Cave Neck Road intersection is based on safety analysis conducted through DelDOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program.

Lewes Fire Department Captain Chris Colpo says a majority of accidents at the intersection are at the crossover.

“We can never really stop crashes but in my heart I do believe it’s going to minimize the amount of serious accidents we have,” says Colpo. 

Some locals think the project is the step in the right direction, but want to see more.

“I heard they’re shutting off where I can’t turn left going north, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s busy,” Allyson Stovall tells WBOC. “As frequently as this road is used, they need a light here.”

To complete the crossover construction, DelDOT will partially close lanes starting 8pm on August 5th until 5am on August 8th, pending weather.

DelDOT says motorists should expect delays in this area due to the lane closures for the installation of signing, pavement marking and tubular markers to complete the work.

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