CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Athletes from across the world are in Cambridge this weekend to be a part of one of the biggest events in the region – the Eagleman Maryland Triathlon. But this year’s race goes on without one key player as the community continues to mourn the death of one of their own: Gerry Boyle.

Athletes like Michael Keene say this year’s race feels different. For decades, Boyle led races at Great Marsh Park, helping thousands of athletes compete in the world-renown event.

Boyle died suddenly in his Cambridge home in March. He was 68.

“He was usually one of the first people when I come in the morning,” Keene said. “I’ll treasure the time that I had with him.”

Many athletes, like Keene, are still emotional, but say they’re ready to lead and race in Boyle’s honor. His legacy is now remembered through the many lives he touched and through subtle signs and memorials scattered across Cambridge.

Regional Race Director Keats Mcgonigal says Boyle still holds the title of race director for now. A new race director will be announced in a few weeks.

“He would have wanted everybody to have a good time you know that was ultimately his goal,” Mcgonigal said.

In honor of Boyle, the City of Cambridge has also rededicated Great Marsh Park, calling it “Gerry Boyle Park at Great Marsh.”


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