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Bicycle Safety Issues Debated At Lewes Meeting


LEWES, Del – Strong opinions about bicycle safety were heard during a Tuesday public meeting organized by Delaware Sen. Ernie Lopez. Some in attendance had accounts of bicyclists being oblivious to their surroundings and causing injuries to others using the bike trails in the Lewes area.

“There are very few people who do that,” Bill Gorodetzer of Sussex Cyclists said. “We have a concern as responsible cyclists that a few bad apples are also impacting negatively on the community.”

The event was held a week after Beebe Healthcare released accident statistics. Between May 1 and July 1, 11 patients with significant traumatic injuries from bicycling were treated.

It was just last week an Annapolis woman died after the bicycle she was riding collided with minivan in Bethany Beach. The woman was not wearing a helmet and did not have lights on her or the bicycle.

“We are seeing a number of injuries from people not having lights on their bicycles,” Beebe Emergency Medical Director Dr. Kevin Bristowe said. “People don’t check their equipment properly prior to riding so a lot of chains break or they ride in flip flops and they fall and they injury themselves.”

Lopez indicated the feedback received at the meeting will lead to action by the state legislature.

The Lewes Police Department announced during the meeting that six of its officers recently completed bicycle certification and will soon begin patrolling the bike trails in the city.

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