SOMERSET COUNTY, Md. – On his way home one day, high school senior Larry White was shot 13 times in an attempted armed robbery in Baltimore. 

White recounted what it was like being shot for WBOC via video chat on Wednesday. 

“I got shot in my hand so I felt that, that was the first thing I felt. And then my adrenaline kicked in and I tried to run, but I got shot in my leg so I couldn’t run,” White said. 

But after a speedy recovery last April, White was able to make it to prom and walk the stage at graduation. 

Now, he says, he looks forward to a fresh start for college. And White says he has always wanted to go to University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 

“It’s a time to fast from all the stuff that I was around,” White said. “Normally you know you fast from food, but you have to fast from negativity too and keep it out of your life so I just want to clean my system and experience something different from what I experienced for so long in Baltimore.” 

White is enrolled in UMES’ bridge program that starts in July.  The program allows for incoming freshman to ease into the college experience.  

If White passes the program, he could become a full-time student for the fall semester. 

Vice President of Enrollment Management at UMES Hans Cooper says he thinks White will make a fantastic addition to the Hawk family because of his experiences, not in spite of them. 

“Many of our students come from a variety of backgrounds and they have a variety of challenging circumstances. And the beauty about here is that we take all those experiences that you come with and help mold you for the future of who you want to become,” Cooper said. 

White says he can’t wait to experience a calmer, focused atmosphere over the summer in Somerset County.


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