SALISBURY, Md. – Following the devastating news of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton a local church in Salisbury is taking action.

The Asbury United Methodist Church hosted a prayer vigil on Thursday in an effort to give people space for grieving and to find hope.

According to Tom Pasmore, the pastor of the church, these deadly shootings have affected the lives of people across Delmarva.

He hopes this vigil will also encourage people to reach out to their local legislators while proposing ideas that will help make our communities safer.

“I’m just grateful from the City of Salisbury,” said Pasmore.

“It’s clear that this kind of effort has struck a cord and that the city cares about this country and cares about other communities that have felt the effects of violence,” said Pasmore.

Pasmore adds he hopes this vigil will inspire people to make a positive impact in their communities moving forward.

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