Assateague's newest foal (Photo: NPS)Assateague’s newest foal (Photo: NPS)

ASSATEAGUE ISLAND, Md.- Assateague Island National Seashore welcomed the newest member of its wild herd last weekend.

According to the National Park Service, early Saturday morning, May 11, N2BHS-A (“Gokey GoGo Bones”) gave birth to a chestnut filly.

The new foal, N2BHS-AR, and band live most of the year in the very busy developed area and campgrounds. For this reason, officials remind visitors that it is essential to remain a minimum of a bus length (40’) away from the wild horses at all times.

Everything is new to a foal. N2BHS-AR will learn how to interact with the environment from her mother and other members of her band.

About two-thirds of foals in the National Seashore are born in April, May and June, but it is not uncommon for foals to be born during any month of the year.

Officials said a mare will be very protective of her new foal and it is vitally important for their well-being that visitors give them, and all of the wild horses, plenty of space.