“She’s an extremely sweet dog,” says Brandywine Valley SCPA Senior Director of Operations Walter Fenstermacher. “Which is amazing to really see that transformation from a dog that’s emaciated, that’s shut down, that’s reserved, that’s not really familiar with how great people can be, to the now loving animal we see today.”

Fenstermacher says Pumpkin needs to gain a few more pounds, but they are confident she can do that with the right family, who also can help socialize the once timid dog.

“Pumpkin still needs a lot of TLC,” says Fenstermacher. “She’s really begin to bond with some of our staff members but it has taken some time, so definitely we want a family that has seen her story, that knows what she’s been through and that’s willing to work with her so she can come out of her shell and become the amazing dog that we know that she is.”