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38 Days to National Folk Festival


SALISBURY, Md.- The National Folk Festival takes place Sept. 6-8 in Salisbury and there is still some work that needs to be done. Volunteers are still needed and right now, a construction zone stands in the way. 

The three-day weekend kicks off at Community Stage on Division Street and right now that area is under construction. Local Manager Caroline O’Hare remains confident that it won’t interfere with festival set up. 

“”When the folk festival begins there will be no unfinished surfaces,” O’Hare says. “That means while they may need to come back in for construction and to continue their work, there will not be machinery and big holes.”

No unfinished surfaces from Community Stage to City Stage, which will be placed in front of Old Town Deli. Owner Vicente Hernandez is ready to be part of the festival for the second year. 

“There’s so much culture that the Folk Festival brings as far as music and food,” says Vicente. “We’re excited to show all of the world what we have.”

With “all of the world” coming, O’Hare needs an army of volunteers to fill three to four hour shifts over the course of the three day event. She says last year a lot signed up the day of.

“We’ve got a lot of people walk in or a lot of people volunteer a few days before the festival,” she explains. “The earlier we know you want to volunteer, you can pick the time, the day, and the job you want a lot easier.”

Volunteers are needed to set up and strike the set before more than 350 artists take the stage.

“That happens about a week, a week and a half before where we’ve got to build this whole set up and we’d love a few extra hands,” says O’Hare. 

Volunteers are needed during the event for backstage support, to sell merchandise, and more. Click here to sign up. 

The National Folk Festival is funded through donations, grants, and scholarships. Click here to donate. 



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